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Whizz Bang!

Everything has changed for Rachaeldaisy since winning the Sydney "Best in Show" award with her "Whizz Bang" Quilt! This original quilt consists of blocks made in the manner of balls "Pine Cones" popular in the 90s.

She has totally revisited the look and the palettes of sparkling colors give a charm to these quilts of a completely new genre.

The creativity of Rachaeldaisy knows no limit! She creates unique, colorful pieces by folding her squares in the manner of a meadow, and uses a wide variety of materials such as silk, taffeta, silk organza, recycled shirts, handkerchiefs and more. flax. She sometimes adds woolen fabrics, appliquéd lace tablecloths, yoyos, buttons, ...

The result is extraordinary: quilts very trendy, bohemian spirit, very colorful and graphic.
Quiltmania is delighted to release her first book: a complete guide to her creative adventures, filled with tips and step-by-step illustrations to create 15 original quilts that will spin more than one head!

"I love making these blocks !! In addition to the fabulous and intoxicating results, the process provides a real pleasure. I encourage you to be reckless and have fun experimenting with this block to create variations. - Rachaeldaisy

15 projects + 10 models of blocks + the tips and tricks of Rachaeldaisy

261 pages.

All explanations for creating quilts and blocks are included in this book.

Languages: French and English in the same work.

: Rachaeldaisy
: Quiltmania
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