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White - NOVA-FLEX 1500 LowTemp 3sec 50cm

Width of the roll = 50cm.

The 1500 LOW TEMP/3SEC series is a collection of 93 colours, which are thin, stretchable and opaque PU-films with a matt finish.
Material thickness: 90µ.

Thanks to the self-adhesive polyester liner you will be able to cut small letters and reposition your cut design before pressing. 

Prepress your textile (only non-sublimated fabrics) to ensure a flat surface for transfer. It also gets rid of humidity inside the fabric and would make it possible for a coating to evaporate and ensure a better bonding.

NOVA-FLEX 1500 can be pressed on top of each other (neon and metallic always as the top layer).

The stock of these products is currently limited and will certainly be expanded in the future! Are you interested in this product but the color is not yet in stock? Then take a look at the category of our SEF X4/Rocket products. This is a similar flex and is still in stock in a number of colors. You can currently purchase it at a promo price!

At the bottom of this page you can find the different staggered prices.

€ 10,25 *
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Anzahl: Kaufen



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