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This collection of six "Fun Size" quilt designs is constructed using Hoffman Fabrics' luscious hand-dyed watercolors. Of course you can substitute other fabrics of your choice. With colors and minimalist design inspired by the modern quilt movement, these lovely small quilts will be a warm hug for children of all ages. The series of "baby" quilts -- with their smaller size (just a bit smaller than the 45" x 60" standard crib size batting -- means they are completed quickly. The size is versatile. While perfect for babies and toddlers, it also makes a great size to keep handy for the couch when you might be a bit chilled. Quilt projects include: Mod Squares (43" x 52"); Rainbow Trail (40" x 52"); Silly Goose (42" x 56"); Cherished Triangles (42" x 56"); Baby Crosshatch (42" x 56"); Crescendo (42" x 56").
Brenda Henning
Bear Paw Productions
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