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Hobby Transferpers II - A4 Pink

This heat press is very easy to use, with these dimensions you can perfectly personalize your textiles.
Perfect for home use!

Practical features:
  • Model: GS-802
  • Heater size: 23 x 30 cm
  • Afmetingen gesloten warmptepers: 33 cm x 35 cm x 18 cm
  • Power (240V): 700W/5Amps
  • Temperature: Max. 221°C/430°F
  • Start-up time: 16minuten
  • Time duration: 0-999sec
  • Weight: 15kg
  • Certificate CE, FCC

Compact design: The A4 size heat platen and lower platen make Hobby Press II a cute design and light weight.
Digital controller: Both temperature and time are adjustable. The controller clearly shows the data on the screen.
Over The Center Pressure Distribution: The pressure source is strategically placed over the center of the upper platen and uses struts to drive that pressure out to all corners. This results is an even and heavy duty distribution of pressure that is unmatched by other heat presses in the market today.
Dressable Lower Platen: The special laser cut base allows users to dress garments over the lower platen without stretching them out. Simply load the shirt onto the platen and feed the bottom of the garment through the clearance underneath the lower platen.
Gas-springs Lift: With quality dual gas-spring, upper heat platencan be lifted gently for a smooth and quiet release.

Demo device present in our store!

Please note that the displayed transport cost for this product is correct for Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany. For the other countries, please contact us in advance and we will send you a correct quotation.


Videos: Galaxy New Hobby Press II
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