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Happiness is ... Playing with Fabrics - Yumiko Tanaka

An unclassifiable book by a rare artist. Yumiko started quilting more than 40 years ago, first alone then with a great master from whom she broke free after ... 30 years! Her creativity needed air and space to flourish and now it is with her students that she learns, she says. She is passionate about all textiles, from the most shimmering silk to the slightly worn wool of a sweater she loved, all are important and she plays them like a virtuoso. Above all, she loves to invent new life for them in incredible compositions. Sometimes extraordinary pieces in kimono silks, panels in yoyos of infinite delicacy to which she dedicates a devouring passion, rustic crazy pieces whose knotting itself becomes a motif, pieces elevating the art of recycling to its peak, everything is so varied, original and exceptional in technique. This is all that this extraordinary book contains where more than 20 projects are explained with their particular techniques gathered in a very didactic chapter.

You will learn how to make a dozen types of yoyos as well as sophisticated assemblies and although his works are spectacular, rest assured you can make these exceptional pieces yourself! Most are of a very simple technical level and the instructions are well detailed. Among the projects, discover centerpieces, throws, bedspreads, wall panels, bags, in various formats. Pure happiness for inspiration thanks to the magnificent photos of the works and the profusion of details!
Yumiko Tanaka
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