Welcome to the world of Ghost !

White toner, Neon toner, Sublime toner and toner transfer solution.

Ghost White Toner - White printing for everyone!
Using white toner cartridges, you can now print on dark, colored or transparent material to create unique designs that are made to impress.
  • Print on dark paper and textiles with Toner Transfer
  • Create stunning designs for short print runs
  • White and colour prints on mugs and bottles and more
Ghost Sublime Toner - Easy-tu-use sublimation printing
With innovative sublimation toner cartridges, you can print high-quality, full color motifs on polyester-based textiles.
  • Colorful prints on light polyester textiles
  • Company outfits, promotional T-Shirts and sportswear
  • Works also on other sublimation friendly blanks
Ghost Neon toner - Impressive Fluorescent printing
Using neon toner cartridges that react to black light, you can now print colorful fluorescent designs on paper and cotton textiles.
  • Glow-in-the-dark prints on paper or textiles
  • Works on many different materials thanks to toner transfer
  • Entrance tickets, concert tickets, night club and event merchandise


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