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Silhouette MINT


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(Item no.: 6291NOVA50)
€ 18,80*
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Cheetah - NOVA-FLEX 6291 PU Soft 50cm

The 6200 PU SOFT series are thin, stretchable and opaque PU-films with a glossy finish and a metallic effect.
Material thickness: 30µ.

Thanks to the self-adhesive polyester liner you will be able to cut small letters and reposition your cut design before pressing. 

Prepress your textile (only non-sublimated fabrics) to ensure a flat surface for transfer. It also gets rid of humidity inside the fabric and would make it possible for a coating to evaporate and ensure a better bonding.


  • 165°C - 15sec
  • Medium/high pressure
  • Warm peel
  • Multilayer possible (Yes, on PU flex)
  • Washable up to 40°C
  • Suitable for standard textiles (cotton, polyester, polycotton)
  • Not suitable for nylon or other coated textiles.
Width of the roll is 50 cm. You choose the desired meters.
If you choose 0.5m, you will receive a roll of 25cm x 1m!

€ 18,80 *
Price per meter
Quantity: Order

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