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€ 249,99   € 219,00
(Artikelnr: SWFCM-CPNK)
Candy Pink - Smooth Heat Transfer

**Pastel color**

FlexCut is an exclusive heat transfer flex film!

FlexCut is a high quality, multi-layered polyurethane film, PVC free and produced without solvents. It has a sticky polyester liner, good covering power and high elasticity. Above all, FlexCut distinguishes itself from tehe rest with its excellent weeding characteristics.

FlexCut ensures fine, elastic and resistant designs, with an extremeley soft touch. Its adhesive liner allows very fine cutting and fast weeding.


  • Waterbased PU
  • Oeko-tex: Class I
  • Thickness (without liner): 60 micron
  • Fastness: 60°C
  • Transfer Temperature: 165°C
  • Transfer Time: 17 seconds
  • Presure: Medium High
  • Hot Peel
Suitable for standard textiles.
  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Polycotton
  • 25cm x 1m = €7,00
  • From 50cm x 1m: €12,99/m
  • From 50cm x 2,5m: €9,31/m
  • From 50cm x 5m: €7,89/m
  • From 50cm x 10m: €7,50/m
  • From 50cm x 25m: €7,10/m
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€ 7,00
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