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Silhouette MINT


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Multi-Trans FOREVER Gold

Transferpaper to be used on hard surfaces (1-paper system!).

Print black and get Metallic Gold!

The new innovative Multi-Trans Select Gold (& Silver) transfer papers work the same way as the standard Multi-Trans for Hard Surfaces, except that you can now print single-color black and get Gold (or Silver) on any color hard surfaces.

To be used on hard surfaces like mugs, wood, plates, magnetic vinyls, chromolux, tiles, mirror, acrylic glass, metal, nylon, pen, CDs,...

Can be used with:
  • Black/white laser printer
  • CMYK laser printer
  • CMYW Laser/Led printer
How does it work?
  • Print your design (mirrored!)on to the Multi-Trans Gold transfer media
  • Fix the design to the application
  • Press the design to the application
  • Peel the transfer paper once it is cold.
  • Done
  • DIN A3 (297mm x 420mm)
Available in packages of 25, 50 or 100 sheets.

Click here to ask for further information please.

Video(s): Forever Multi-Trans Metallic


€ 77,00
Quantity: Order

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